From Melbourne, now based in Auckland, Dean has been a comedy writer for the past 10 years. For the previous 6, he has written topical one-liners for New Zealand’s highest rating TV comedy show “7 Days”.

He started the Comedy Writers Association of Australia, a community with over 800 comedy writers.

Happy to apply his comedy and leadership skills across different mediums, since 2015 Dean has been one of the core team members of New Zealand’s fastest growing education company, LearnCoach. There, he has created what is now the most popular writing competition for high school students in the world (a comedy writing competition, no less!)

He is currently a full time project manager at LearnCoach.

Prior to the move into project managing, Dean created and executive produced some of the most ambitious and large-scale productions in the history of Australian community TV. It wasn’t uncommon for his shows to have over 100 people working on them.

TV shows he has produced include 31 Questions, Emmylou Loves (Season 2), Mainland Tonight and Silent Comedy.

He’s sold jokes in the UK, the US, has enjoyed stints as a humour columnist in nationally syndicated newspapers and sometimes writes humorous greeting cards for various companies around the world.

Prior to his career in project managing and TV, he wanted to be a professional golfer. See? The punchline always goes at the end.

Hot dates:
– 2016 & 2017 – Winner of the top overall spec writer award on “7 Days”.
– 2017 – Created the NCEA Comedy Writing Competition, a one-liner comedy writing competition that is now the most popular writing competition for high school students in New Zealand.
– 2018 – Founded the Comedy Writers Association of Australia. If you’re a comedy writer working in the Australian industry, join here!
– 2018 – Received a record 3rd consecutive content grant from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.