Until the age of 20, Dean wanted to be a professional golfer.
Then, until the age of 30 he was a TV producer and comedy writer for shows like TV3’s “7 Days”.
Now, he’s a full time project manager at the education tech start-up LearnCoach, in Auckland, New Zealand.

As one of the first people to join the company back in 2015, he started a one-liner comedy writing competition that is now the most popular writing competition for high school students in the world. It typically gets over 100 entries a week, 42 weeks a year. He then leveraged this community to help make courses at LearnCoach, creating massive business value.

7 cool things about Dean:

1. Created a thriving student community at LearnCoach and made it possible for the community to deliver massive business value.
2. Started the Comedy Writers Association of Australia (850+ members). If you’re a comedy writer working in the Australian industry, join here!
3. Published writer in Vogue, Rolling Stone, National Geographic and has written personal finance articles for Informed Investor Magazine (NZ’s only investment magazine)
4. Lived in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Wellington and Auckland. Visited Malaysia, India, Paris and Fiji. Born in Melbourne, Australia.
5. Created and executive produced 2 TV shows, each of which had over 100 cast and crew and one of which was live-to-air.
6. Wrote jokes for NZ’s highest rating TV comedy show, “7 Days” for 7 years, winning the award for top overall spec writer twice.
7. Received 3 consecutive content grants (a record) from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

After hours, he loves reading about personal finance, doing yoga, eating at great restaurants with his artistic partner and seeking out the best milk chocolate money can buy.

Dean’s personal mission is to help people be the best version of themselves.