When you’ve only been making your living as a comedy writer for a couple of years, your first reaction to being asked to appear on a panel to talk about comedy is, “I am definitely not qualified.”
And since I was asked, nobody has sent me any mail disputing that.
However, I’m grateful I overcame those initial feelings of self-doubt, because I ended up having a lot of fun talking to RMIT’s latest crop of screenwriting students, alongside the other two comedy people on the panel, David M. Green and Stephen Hall.

You know I’m not making this up, because that’s the official poster.

When I was an RMIT screenwriting student (2011-2012), I remember organising one of these panels – we had Sammy J, Kitty Flanagan and Adam Zwar along.
As for our panel, it was great to have an opportunity to meet Stephen Hall. You may know him from Shaun Micallef’s “Mad As Hell” on the ABC, or as Basil Fawlty in the stage production of “Fawlty Towers“.
David M. Green is also a writer for “Mad As Hell” (not to mention, a great friend).

It was very exciting to be on a panel with two of the country’s best comedy writers. Thanks to Kirsty for asking me along and to John Reeves, heart and soul of the RMIT screenwriting program.